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Hi, I'm

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I work with brands and businesses to create authentic and creative content that is perfect to be used as an ad or organic for their product or service.




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Over 100 happy clients

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About Me

I've been a TikTok coach and video marketing expert for almost 4 years now. Over 800 clients in my courses, coachings and content creation confirm my expertise & video creating & editing skills.

After all those years it became clearer and clearer that content creation is the thing I'm most passionate about, so I decided to focus on producing unique and creative videos for brands and businesses.

My Mission

To create the content that is perfect for you and your brand, and by doing so always be my authentic and creative self.

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Content Niches

  • Skin Care
  • Health & Wellness
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Home
  • Clothing
  • Jewellery & Accessoires
  • Cosmetics
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Some client projects



teeth bleaching


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detective game


paint by numbers

press on nails

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skin care


children's book


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Brands I have worked with

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My collaboration process

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Agreement & contract of framework conditions (number, duration, type of videos, etc.)

Shipment of the products or provision of the service by the brand

I create the script, or the brand provides the script

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Within 7 days: Content creation & providing of the videos by the creator

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Within 3 days thereafter, the possibility of a change loop by the brand

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Payment of the creator within 7 days & transfer of the rights to the content

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My Services

What my videos include

  • Up to 15/30/60 sec video
  • One change loop
  • Research
  • Script writing
  • Production
  • Live-model (me)
  • Product placement
  • Voice-over
  • Simple editing
  • Music suggestion
  • Simple text overlays
  • Usage rights for 3 months


  • Package 1: UGC video (15 sec) - 150€
  • Package 2: UGC video (30 sec) - 200€
  • Package 3: UGC video (60 sec) - 250€

  • Bundle 1: 2 UGC videos (each 15 sec) - 250€
  • Bundle 2: 2 UGC videos (each 30 sec) - 350€

Note: All prices are excl. VAT

(Please contact me, if you are interested in other bundle options or a long-term partnership)

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  • Whitelisting
  • Extra fast delivery
  • Additional changes
  • Additional versions
  • Source files
  • Special transitions
  • Hashtag research
  • Thumbnails
  • Full subtitles
  • Any other wishes that you might have...
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Let's Work Together

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